StatusCode Status
amen Amenity Coach
a/o Awaiting Overhaul
a/r Awaiting Repair/Restoration
b/b Bed & Breakfast
b/o Body Only
b/o-a/s Body Only, Animal Shelter
b/o-a/s-(Un) Body Only, Animal Shelter, Unnumbered
b/o-res Body Only, as Residence
b/o-wr Body Only, as Waiting Room
b/o-cih Body Only, Cut in Half
b/o-d Body Only, Derelict
b/o-d-(Un) Body Only, Derelict, Unnumbered
b/o-dsm Body Only, Dismantled
b/o-fxd Body Only, Fixed to Underframe
b/o-fxd-op Body Only, Fixed to Underframe, Operational
b/o-fxd-s/d Body Only, Fixed to Underframe, Static Display
b/o-fxd-std Body Only, Fixed to Underframe, Stored
b/o-fxd-(Un) Body Only, Fixed to Underframe, Unnumbered
b/o-f/o Body Only, Frame Only
b/o-fs Body Only, Fuel Storage
b/o-h/a Body Only, Holiday Accomodation
b/o-i/f Body Only, In Field
b/o-i/f-d Body Only, In Field, Derelict
b/o-i/f-(Un) Body Only, In Field, Unnumbered
b/o-ogar Body Only, in Owners Garden
b/o-gar Body Only, in use as Garage
b/o-veg Body Only, in Vegetation
b/o-ld Body Only, Lower Deck
b/o-ld-fxd Body Only, Lower Deck, Fixed to Underframe
b/o-ld-shtd Body Only, Lower Deck, Sheeted
b/o-m/v Body Only, Mess Van
b/o-o/s Body Only, Off Site
b/o-o/b-kitch Body Only, On Blocks, Kitchen
b/o-o/b-rest Body Only, On Blocks, Restaurant
b/o-poh Body Only, Part of House
b/o-p/o-tr Body Only, Placed On, Trailer
b/o-p/o-u/f Body Only, Placed On, Underframe
b/o-p/c Body Only, Poor Condition
b/o-rest Body Only, Restaurant
b/o-scr Body Only, Scrapped
b/o-sct Body Only, Section
b/o-sct-a/s Body Only, Section, Animal Shelter
b/o-sct-p/c Body Only, Section, Poor Condition
b/o-sct-s/v Body Only, Section, Stores Van
b/o-sct-s/h Body Only, Section, Summer House
b/o-sct-(Un) Body Only, Section, Unnumbered
b/o-shtd Body Only, Sheeted
b/o-shtd-(Un) Body Only, Sheeted, Unnumbered
b/o-shp Body Only, Shop
b/o-s/d Body Only, Static Display
b/o-s/v Body Only, Stores Van
b/o-s/v-(Un) Body Only, Stores Van, Unnumbered
b/o-s/h Body Only, Summer House
b/o-u/r Body Only, Under Restoration
b/o-(Un) Body Only, Unnumbered
b/o-ud Body Only, Upper Deck
b/o-w/s Body Only, Work Shop
buf Buffet
buf/bar Buffet & Bar
buf-(Un) Buffet, Unnumbered
buf/shp Buffet/Shop
c/c Camping Coach
c/o Chassis Only
cl Classroom
Cono complete but non-operational
Con-FB Converted, to a Flatbed
Con-CR Converted, to Crane Runner
cycle Cycle Store
d Derelict
dsm Dismantled
dsmT Dismantled to a Trailer
dsm-a/r Dismantled, Awaiting Restoration
dsm-cih Dismantled, Cut in Half
dsm-f/o Dismantled, Frame Only
dsm-h/s Dismantled, in Head Shunt
dsm-in/u Dismantled, in Undergrowth
dsm-shtd Dismantled, Sheeted
dsm-s/o Dismantled, Steam Outline
dsm-u/r Dismantled, Under Restoration
e/v Exhibition Van
exp Exported
h/a Holiday Accommodation
modr Houses Model Railway
kit Kitchen
m/l Mainline Certified
m/l-f/h Mainline Certified, For Hire
m/l-sup Mainline Certified, Support Coach
m/l-u/r Mainline Certified, Under Repair/Restoration
m/v Mess Van
off Office
oo On Order
op Operational
op-h/s Operational, as Hauled Stock
op-b/v Operational, Barrier Vehicle
op-d/s Operational, Depot Shunter
op-f/h Operational, For Hire
op-f/s Operational, For Sale
op-dem Operational, in Demo Train
op-w/u Operational, in Works Use
op-i/u Operational, Internal Use
op-pwt Operational, PW Train
op-sp Operational, Spare
op-s/o Operational, Steam Outline
op-t/v Operational, Tool Van
op-(Un) Operational, Unnumbered
pdsm Part Dismantled
pl-f/b Plinthed, as Flower Bed
pl-ogar Plinthed, in Owners Garden
p/l-lsc Preserved Line Only - Loco Support Coach
rec Reception
rest Restaurant
Resd Restored
scr Scrapped
shp Shop
shp-w/p Shop, Windows Plated
s/d Static Display
s/d-a/r Static Display, Awaiting Restoration
s/d-c/o Static Display, Cab Only
s/d-ch/o Static Display, Chassis Only
S/d-Cl Static Display, Classroom
s/d-d Static Display, Derelict
s/d-m Static Display, In Museum
s/d-m-s/o Static Display, in Museum, Steam Outline
s/d-m-(Un) Static Display, In Museum, Unnumbered
s/d-o/t Static Display, Off Track
s/d-pl Static Display, Plinthed
s/d-pl-s/o Static Display, Plinthed, Steam Outline
s/d-so Static Display, Section Only
s/d-s/o Static Display, Steam Outline
s/u Static Use
std Stored
std-a/r Stored, Awaiting Restoration
std-c/o Stored, Cab Only
std-d Stored, Derelict
std-f/s Stored, For Sale
std-f/sc Stored, For Scrap
std-f/sp Stored, For Spares
std-con Stored, in Container
std-h/s Stored, in Head Shunt
std-h/s-shtd Stored, in Head Shunt, Sheeted
std-i/t Stored, In Tunnel
std-in/u Stored, in Undergrowth
std-o/s Stored, Off Site
std-o/t Stored, Off Track
std-pow Stored, Placed on Wagon
std-p/c Stored, Poor Condition
std-shtd Stored, Sheeted
std-shtd-s/o Stored, Sheeted, Steam Outline
std-s/o Stored, Steam Outline
std-(Un) Stored, Unnumbered
std-w/p Stored, Windows Plated
s/v Stores Van
SSNC Suspect Scrapped, Needs Confirmation
tlt Toilet
t/c Training Coach
t/l Training Loco
u/c Under Construction
u/o Under Overhaul
u/r Under Repair/Restoration
u/r-m/l Under Repair/Restoration, Mainline Certified
u/r-o/s Under Repair/Restoration, Off Site
u/r-shtd Under Repair/Restoration, Sheeted
u/r-s/o Under Repair/Restoration, Steam Outline
u/f/o Underframe Only
u/f/o-car Underframe Only, Carries Body
u/f/o-con Underframe Only, Conversion
u/f/o-con-op Underframe Only, Conversion, Operational
u/f/o-fxd Underframe Only, Fixed to Body
u/f/o-fxd-op Underframe Only, Fixed to Body, Operational
u/f/o-in/u Underframe Only, in Undergrowth
u/f/o-i/u Underframe Only, Internal Use
u/f/o-op Underframe Only, Operational
u/f/o-run Underframe Only, Runner for Crane
u/f/o-scr Underframe Only, Scrapped
u/f/o-std Underframe Only, Stored
u/f/o-nb Underframe Only, with New Body
u/k Unknown
v/c Visitor Centre
v/a Volunteer Accomodation
w/s Work Shop
cycle Cycle Store
u/f/o-con Underframe Only, Conversion
Con-CR Converted, to Crane Runner
Con-FB Converted, to a Flatbed
off Office
tlt Toilet
Amen-C Amenity Coach
b/o-sct-d Body Only, Section, Dismantled
s/d-ch/o Static Display, Chassis Only
b/o-p/o-tr Body Only, Placed On, Trailer
Cono complete but non-operational
SSNC Suspect Scrapped, Needs Confirmation
s/d-so Static Display, Section Only
Resd Restored
S/d-Cl Static Display,Classroom
d-i/f Derelict in Field
d Derelict