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(abbreviations.xls)  This file contains an index of all the abbreviations found within the main stock list reports - Heading Codes, Builders, Livery, Origin and Status. Alternatively you can find individual records on the search facility where the full description will always be displayed. You can also see the full list as a web-page (abbreviations.htm)



Stock List in A4 Landscape Word Format (as at May 2017)

The stock lists show all stock in County order, by location and are split into Geographic areas, which should be more manageable outside. There are also several other reports further down and more may be added later.

The reports are downloadable as a zipped Word file (' rtf' ), so you will need something like WinZip or jZip to access the document and almost any version of Microsoft Word or Open Office to be able to open and read them.  As I’ve tried to squeeze in as much information as possible, you should use the ‘Find’ option in Microsoft Word ( ‘ctrl+F’ or the ‘binocular’ icon) to find anything specific like a Location quickly, rather than scrolling through tens or hundreds of pages.  The stock list is normally updated annually as time permits. 


Click the link for the area that you want. These Area reports are designed to give a lot of detail per record and are ideally useful for reference, so they have been laid out in Landscape format and you may have to change the settings of your printer. You can print them if you wish, but expect to use a lot of ink and paper!  Another option, is to open a new blank document and copy/paste locations you are visiting.  Remember to set the margins per the original report first. 


  1     South West - Bristol Cornwall Devon Dorset Somerset Wiltshire

  2     South East - Hampshire Isle Of Wight Surrey Sussex East Sussex West

  3     Greater London

  4     West - Gloucestershire Herefordshire Oxfordshire

  5     Home Counties - Bedfordshire Berkshire Buckinghamshire Hertfordshire

  6     East Anglia - Cambridgeshire Essex Norfolk Suffolk

  7     West Midlands - Shropshire Staffordshire Warwickshire West Midlands Worcestershire

  8     East Midlands - Derbyshire Leicestershire Northamptonshire Nottinghamshire Rutland

  9     Yorkshire Lincs - Lincolnshire Yorkshire East Yorkshire North Yorkshire South Yorkshire West

10     North West - Cheshire Cumbria Greater Manchester Lancashire Merseyside

11     North East - Durham Northumbria Teeside

12     Scotland – All Counties

13     Wales – All Counties

14     Off Shore Islands


Additional  Stock List Reports


Locomotives – Complete Listing in County / Location Order

Locomotives – Mainline Locomotive Listing in Number Order

Locomotives & Powered Stock – Complete Listing in County / Location Order

Coach Bodies – Covering All Counties

Wagon Bodies – Covering All Counties




This is very much a work in progress and only the complete list is available for now. Steves original DB had to be completely redesigned to not only accommodate a better search facility but also to generate a better report structure.

Please read the search tips for the current situation. More download options will be available in time.


Polite Notice

Any file download from this page is for personal use only. It is strictly NOT for publication. Failure to comply with this request will result in this page being removed.   Do not be the one to ruin it for everyone else. 




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