Preserved Railway Stock

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We hope that new sightings and movements will be reported via our IO Group,. Details can be found by logging on to https://groups.io/     

Once logged in, search for the  'preservedstock' group and you will be able to filter, browse and send messages to like minded people. You will also be able to send direct to preservedstock@groups.io  using your normal email facility.

If you find any serious errors in any records, you can also report them that way for everyone's information.

Although our editors can update any record, they have responsibility for certain sections of Stock as listed below. Therefore anything specific to those areas should be reported direct to them. Please contact the relevant editor by clicking on their name. New editors are always needed, so if you have an area of interest not covered below please contact the Group.



New locos, movements and any other relevant information is updated by anyone with the time!


Wagons & Coaching Stock

Tony Ellis had been adding new locations for the many standard gauge Wagon bodies that are scattered around the country and he kept track of current Wagon and Coaching Stock. Unfortunately his death towards the end of August 2022 means that  volunteers are urgently wanted for this work. You should initially contact one of the team below to express your interest in this work.



Mick Cottam – Mick acts as the photo editor, linking all the photos via our Smugmug account to the relevant record on the search facility. He will also be able to update fields such as Last Sighting Date, Livery & Status if a current photo reveals any changes. Photo and storage cost contributions are always welcome!!


Trip Reports

Chris – Chris will be reviewing trip reports from various sources. Primarily adding sighting dates as well as anything else the report reveals, such as livery, status amendments and new stock arriving or no longer on site.


Specific Sites

The following are those involved at particular locations that are well placed to update the current situation. This can involve anything from minor amendments, historical notes, to restoration work carried out.


   Gloucester & Warwickshire Railway

   Peter Bennett - Peter is a working member in the C&W department based at Winchcombe.


   Great Central Railways

   Matt Baker - Matt is a working member of the GCR and is our most recent inputter. Initially he will be checking and updating

   our GCR records and we would hope that once completed, he would take on a more general role.


   North Yorkshire Moors Railway

   Bryan Blundell – Bryan is a working member in the PW department based at Newbridge.


Behind The Scenes

Mick Morgan Mick acts as general dogsbody and also keeps www.uklocos.com website up-to-date with locomotive movements for the Industrial Railway Society. Please let Mick or Groups.io know if you notice any unusual movements, although visiting engines are not usually recorded, unless of over a month as there are so many movements to record, especially in the summer.


Rob Jefferys – Rob will initially work in the background and populate the ‘Location & Owner Website’ fields found on the search facility. If you do come across any broken links please let Rob know.


Editor's Requests

Live updating has been thoroughly tested so we would love to hear from anyone else who would like to get involved, preferably in an area you are familiar with. You will need a basic understanding on how to use on-line forms, that's all, and full instructions will be provided.


Please note that no editor is expected to take this on as a full time job. There is no rush or time limit. If you can spare a few hours a week & would seriously like to get involved then please join the preservedstock Group.io group and contact  preservedstock@groups.io  or one of the editors direct to register your interest.


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