9c - BR Wagons Record No: 32010   

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Owner: Bodmin & Wenford Railway Number(s) Carried:  B 743443
Website:  Previous Number(s): 
Location: Bodmin & Wenford Railway  Number as Built:   
Address: Bodmin General Station, Bodmin. PL31 1AG, SX 074664. Bodmin Parkway PL30 4BB, SX 10640  
County: Cornwall  Name Carried: 
Website: http://www.bodminrailway.co.uk/  Previous Names: 
Origin: Type: Design: Gauge: Livery:
British Railways 13t 4w 5pl End Tippler China Clay Open Plank Ends Centre Dropside Clayhood Std Bauxite
Builder: Works Plate / Year Diagram: Lot Num: Status:
Swindon Works / 1958 1/051 3098 Operational
Pre-Preservation History:
Preservation Movements:
Other Notes:
Allan Jenkins

 Photographers Notes:

Walker Line Sidings, Bodmin & Wenford Railway 03.12.11
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