3 - NG & Mono - Steam Locomotive Record No: 46325   

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Owner: Southern Railways (South Central Franchise) Number(s) Carried: 
Website:  Previous Number(s): 
Location: Statfold Narrow Gauge Trust  Number as Built:   
Address: Graham Lee, Statfold Barn Farm, nr Tamworth. B79 0BU. SK 240064 Occasional open days.  
County: Staffordshire  Name Carried:  Roger
Website: http://www.statfoldbarnrailway.co.uk/  Previous Names: 
Origin: Type: Design: Gauge: Livery:
Industrial Operator 0-4-0ST OC Saddle Tank Wren 2ft Grey / Black
Builder: Works Plate / Year Diagram: Lot Num: Status:
Kerr Stuart & Co Ltd 3128 / 1918 . Operational
Pre-Preservation History:
New to Avonmouth Smelting
Preservation Movements:
Sold to Matthews family in Canada. Visit to Statfold Barn approx 8 weeks for overhaul in 2014
Other Notes:
Dennis Graham

 Photographers Notes:

Statfold Barn Railway 10.06.17
Open Picture
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