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If you have ever, do now, or are going to own any type of Maxitrak product, or you just enjoy steam miniatures, you are most welcome to join the club and enjoy the kindred spirit of many others of similar interest. Please either:
 a) contact the Secretary for a form and send it to the treasurer, with a cheque for £12 (UK and EEC) or £15 for other destinations (to cover Air Mail dispatch), made payable to Maxitrak Owners Club or
 b) print off this form and submit it directly with the appropriate payment.

I would like to join the Maxitrak Owners Club and have completed the form below.


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Please print out the form and forward with payment to the Treasurer:


Mr.Tony Pearson,
Osbrooks Lodge,
Horsham Road,
Capel, Dorking


Tel: +44 (0)1306-711043 







Please note that the membership list is kept on a personal computer and members details will not be disclosed to non-members.

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