1.         The name of the club shall be MAXITRAK OWNERS CLUB herein after referred to as The Club.




The objects of The Club are to bring to together persons interested in any aspect of MAXITRAK Models, both road and rail, and to provide facilities for events subject to the demand within The Club.


To engage in any other activity related to MAXITRAK Models that is approved by the elected committee.




Members of the Club (to be referred to as Members) will be classed as Full Members following payment of the Annual Subscription Fee and completion of an application form or renewal notice.


Subscription fees shall be decided by the Committee.  Each member shall receive a membership card, which they may be called upon to produce at the request of an official of The Club.


Two people in the same family at the same address, may hold a joint membership, paying a single subscription each year, and having a single vote at any Club meeting.


The Committee reserves the right to refuse an application for membership, and has the discretion not to disclose the reason.  The Committee shall have the authority to terminate a membership before the end of the club year for extraordinary reasons.


Annual subscriptions are due on the 1st of January each year.


No member wishing to resign from the Club shall be entitled to any refund of the subscription for the outstanding period.


It is a condition of membership that it is accepted that records of Members names and addresses etc. are kept on computer disk.  These records are for the maintenance and checking of membership only, and shall not be used for any other reason The Club will circulate from time to time a membership list including names and addresses but not telephone numbers.  Every year members will be asked to indicate on their renewal form whether they wish their own details to be included on this list.  The Club will make every effort to comply with members wishes, but cannot accept responsibility for the consequences of any error or inclusion or omission.  No member shall use the name of the club for personal gain.  The name of the Club shall not be used for business purposes without the prior written permission of the Committee.




The Committee may co-opt any other members as required.


The Officers and Committee Members shall be elected by the Members at the Annual General Meeting.  They will be eligible for re-election the following year.


5.         FINANCE


The financial year shall end at the Annual General Meeting.


A banking account may be operated in the name of the Club.  Cheques and withdrawals shall be by any of the following, The Secretary, The Treasurer.


The Club may receive income by way of subscriptions, donations and in any way approved by the Committee.


The income and property of The Club, howsoever derived, shall be applied solely towards promoting the objects of The Club as specified in Section 2.  No payment shall be made to any member either directly or indirectly, except in payment of legitimate expenses incurred on the behalf of The Club.


In the event of winding up or the dissolution of The Club, any remaining assets after all liabilities have been discharged shall be transferred to an organisation supporting steam preservation, to be decided at an Extraordinary General Meeting.




The Members shall be summoned to an Annual General Meeting of which at least twenty-one days notice in writing shall have been given.


Elections for the committee posts shall be held at the AGM in the form of a ballot.  Members may apply for their votes to be submitted by post, in which case seven days notice shall be given to the Secretary and a stamped addressed envelope is to be enclosed.


Nominations for committee posts, shall be received by the Secretary fourteen days before the AGM, in writing.  Any application from a Member accompanied by a SAE received by the Secretary fourteen days before the AGM shall be supplied with a list of the candidates and a copy of any statement made by them.


An Extraordinary General Meeting may be called by resolution of the Committee or by written notice to the Secretary, signed by not less than 10% of the membership, setting out the matters to be considered.  An EGM shall be convened within eight weeks of the Committee resolution or receipt of the notice.  Members of The Club shall receive at least three weeks notices of the meeting, stating, date, time and place and the matters to be considered.  Amendments to the motion will be accepted at the EGM, providing that they are proposed, seconded and approved.




The final accounts shall be audited and the accounts will be presented to the Members at each AGM.


8.         QUORUM


A Committee properly convened shall be deemed as having a quorum if three of more Members are present.


            A quorum for the AGM shall be twelve Members.


9.         AMENDMENTS


The Rules and Constitution may be amended by two thirds majority of Members present at an AGM or EGM, providing fourteen days notice of the proposed amendment has been given to all Members of The Club.  Any proposal for an alteration to the Rules and Constitution must incorporate a draft of the proposed alteration(s) and either be signed by at least ten Members, or be approved by the Committee.  Amendments to the motion or alterations will be accepted at the AGM or EGM providing they are proposed seconded and approved.




Any group of Members may apply to the Committee to form a branch in their area.  The branch would be self supporting save for exceptional circumstances where approved by the Committee.  The branch affairs would be managed by an elected committee following the Club Rules and Constitution.


The branch committee would supply regular reports of its activities to the main committee and any information regarding the conduct and affairs of the branch on request of the Main Committee.


            Typed from AGM draft with minor approved changes.


Eric Penn

Honorary Secretary.

1 March 1996