Diary of Club Events :



The Maxitrak Owner's Club year begins after each AGM, now normally held in August at the SME Leatherhead site rather than in September at Maxitrak's premises at Staplehurst.


There is always coercion to provide members with a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and magazine Editor at AGMs, but there's also a club rally all day at the same time! This is a good chance for members to talk to each other about what they would like to happen over the coming year, amongst other things.

The outcome of this is some sort of loose plan of events for the year, which gradually grows to include more outside events, as shown in Parish Notices below. 

If you know of any action, perhaps a club event or meeting that you think members will enjoy, please invite the MOC club and mail the webmaster with the dates so we can put them on this page. More details of the rallies can be obtained from Tony Pearson, Treasurer.

Parish Notices 2019 

 or what you missed!  So far :-

  March 28th (ex April 6th) - Boiler Testing Day at Leatherhead starting around 9.30am until 12.30pm

  June 8th - Visit to Norwich & District SME   (Postponed by the SME until at least September)

  August 1st - Visit to Surrey SME, Leatherhead and MOC AGM (Day starts at 9.30am, AGM from 12.30pm, day ends about 4pm)  


Important - When visiting another Club, owners of steam models must take with them a valid current boiler certificate and ensure they have Public Liability insurance cover as the insurance of the host club may not cover visiting models.

Please let the host know you are coming as it helps with catering and planning the event.


Club Track visits usually take place from about 10.30am and end about 4.00pm. If directions are not given above, they are normally available from the host club's web-site.