Dixie Modifications


By Jim Arthur (with minor editing and addition)


As the old Maxitrak News was lacking articles, I decided to list the numerous mods I made to my Dixie, in the hope that they may be useful to owners. Some are cosmetic, some are necessary:


            1)  Safety chains fitted to coupling pins

            2)  Reworked smoke-box door clamps

            3)  Made & fitted lamp iron and disk to smoke-box

            4)  Reworked the tank to smoke-box brackets

            5)  Screwed tank down inside tank and fitted lid as dummy

            6)  Fitted 3 layers of fire blanket insulation under tank

            7)  Repositioned the hand pump in the off-side bunker

            8)  Fitted water gauge to rear of water tank

            9)  Made & fitted crosshead driven cylinder oil pump

          10)  Fitted non-return valves to valve chest covers

          11)  Threaded valve rods and fitted threaded collars/lock nuts

          12)  Fitted tube spacers to slide valves

          13)  Drilled oil holes in coupling & connecting rods

          14)  Removed exhaust drain & fitted cylinder drain cocks

          15)  Fitted removable coupling to steam pipe under smoke-box

          16)  Lowered reach rod to workable position

          17)  Reworked reversing lever & latch to realistic shape

          18)  Made & fitted screw hand brake and brake gear

          19)  Made & fitted flange to pressure gauge, mounted gauge on the spectacle plate

          20)  Made & fitted working whistle under foot plate (original as dummy)

          21)  Made safety valve cover & extensions

          22)  Reworked cab roof edges to curve downwards

          23)  Clipped outside blower pipe inside boiler bands at offset clamp position

          24)  Fitted sliding shute to near-side bunker

          25)  Modified hand pump to work vertically

          26)  Fitted scale maker plates to sides

          27)  Replaced valve gear pins with longer stainless steel pins to take washers

          28)  Milled valve chest covers to represent castings

          29)  Lagged steam pipe with 'Modroc' and painted

          30)  Made and fitted steam feed pump



I hope these will give owners some food for thought.