Simple Traction Engine Mods 



From an article in the Maxitrak News of Summer 1995 - By Equus.




A few simple mods to make your traction engine more comfortable to operate are:


1.      Sprung trailer hitch - Drill the existing hitch to accept a larger "eye" bolt. Thread this through the new hole, fit a suitable coil spring, lock up with a larger washer and nut and hey-presto, no more jerky starts. 

2.      Sprung Trailer - Simply substitute the existing lengths of hose (or retain as bump-stops) for suitable coil springs. Mine came from old Nissan cylinder head inlet valves.

3.      Excessive Wear - To prevent excessive wear on the tender towing point, insert a suitable neoprene washer between it and the trailer hitch.

4.      Pump Efficiency(1) - To make the crank-shaft pump more efficient, dismantle and using an inside cutting tool on your lathe, cut a small groove in the crank end of the pump body. Into this, fit a suitable rubber "O" ring and re-fit. This should preclude the need to repack with graphite string for the whole season.

5.      Pump Efficiency(2) - If you have fitted the large auxiliary hand pump to the tender, the above mod also works here. In addition, a collar fitted to the ram will limit it's travel and prevent it shreding the packing.

6.      Prolonged Running - If you like prolonged running, a slot cut in the side of the ash tray will allow easy ash removal, something that's all but impossible with the standard arrangement.     




By Equus