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The N.G.R.S Library system is currently broken into 3 main areas, each serviced by different people :

          MATTERS)  -  Jim Hay (on the Contacts page as Librarian)
  • PHOTO ARCHIVIST  -  Position currently vacant (on the Contacts page as Photo Archivist)
  • VIDEO ARCHIVIST  -  Mike Jackson (on the Contacts page as Film & Video Archivist)


Main Library

 This is located at ‘MOSELEY RAILWAY TRUST’ premises at Apedale, Newcastle-Under-Lyme, Staffordshire.

 The N.G.R.S. library holds periodic open days for all members and these are advertised in ‘Narrow Gauge News’ and through the NGRS Social Media of the ‘Yahoo’ web group and Facebook. Directions to the site can be found at :



Section 1:      Archive Files (non-loan)               

Section 2:      N.G.R.S. Publications                      

Section 3:      Archive Collections  (non-loan)

Section 4:      Catalogues  (non-loan)

Section 5:      B.L.C. / I.R.S. Publications              

Section 6:      Books (loan and non-loan)

Section 7:      Journals & Periodicals (non-loan)                              

Section 8:      Timetables                                

Section 9:      Railway Maps  

Section 10:    Alan Keef Collection (non-loan)

Section 11:    Film Archive  


  To reflect the continued expansion of the library and to facilitate member searches, a full library list is held on two ‘Excel’ spreadsheets with copies on web-pages broken down into Loan Items and Non-loan items. Each section above is listed on a separate tab on the pages.


      Click here for Loan Items - XL spreadsheet, or web-page (separate windows)

      Click hrer for Non-Loan Items - XL spreadsheet or web-page (separate windows)


    When the webpage is opened, notice and use the Tabs at the bottom of the page!


  • Printed versions are available on request from Jim & Becky Hay at the address below.

  • Items listed in red on the library catalogue have been added since the last issue.


 More up-to-date information can now be found using our on-line LIBRARY SEARCH facility. This searches specific fields of your choice, or the full catalogue including the notes.

 If you require a printed list, if you have any particular requirements, or if you have any requests for non-loan items, research enquiries or general library enquiries, then contact the Librarian :

     Jim Hay, 7 North Road, Combe Down, Bath, BA2 5DE   (may change 2018/19)

                    or via email to howard9841931(at) )


Scanned Back Issues

Over the past few years the Narrow Gauge Railway Society has scanned its entire catalogue of "The Narrow Gauge" and "Narrow Gauge News".  This has been done in a searchable PDF format, which is useful as a global search of these files effectively obviates the need for paper indexes. Society members have been contributing to our publications since 1951, and it is therefore a rich and unique source of research material. 

The N.G.R.S. committee recently decided that the earlier issues could be made available on-line and we have a duty to the wider railway fraternity to share information of a historic nature.

As a first step we will be making issues 1-100 of both "The Narrow Gauge" and "Narrow Gauge News" available for download (excluding 'special issues').  An initial roll out of the first ten issues of each publication has been undertaken to check that all works well. Here are the links :  TNG  and  NGN

Please give any feedback in this respect to either Mick Morgan (webmaster) or Jim Hay (librarian).


The PDF files have been collected together as ZIP files.  Individuals will need to ascertain how best to globally search within the multiple files as the online collection grows.  Some software will globally search multiple files within folders, others require issues to be 'spliced' together into a single file.  Basic advice on one possible route is here :


I should conclude with two HUGE votes of thanks :

        To all the N.G.R.S. members past and current who have submitted such a huge wealth of information to our publications for future researchers to access,

        To member Kim Ward-Bailey who laboriously undertook so much scanning work on behalf of our Society Library.

Jim Hay, N.G.R.S. Librarian  

19th October 2018  


Archive Library

  Archive files (Section 1) are being progressively scanned, and are therefore available to members either by email or on a CD.  If the file you wish you borrow electronically has not been scanned, we will scan it and should be able to send the information within a month.

 If the material you require is not in the Library, we can sometimes obtain it from elsewhere.

  We are always ready to receive any material of interest, whether by bequest, gift or purchase. Have you something of interest that could be useful to the Library? 

  We look forward to assisting you in the library soon.


Research Files

  The Narrow Gauge Railway Society research files have been progressively compiled since 1951 and are available in an electronic format.  This will protect original information for future generations of researchers, as well as keeping the information available where postal costs would have proved otherwise.

  The electronic copies of the files may be distributed either by email or CD-ROM and are distributed to members for the purposes of personal research and in accordance with the aims of the Society.

  The photographs, maps, drawings, and printed matter contained within these files are not necessarily the copyright of the Society.

  No further copying, distribution or publication by any means may be made of any information contained therein without the written consent of the Narrow Gauge Railway Society Librarian.


 Video Library

 The Society maintains an extensive library of DVDs covering NG & miniature subjects for loan to members or area group meetings, The library was temporarily suspended on 20/4/18 but is expected to be running again by the 2018 AGM.   


 When re-activated, would borrowers please return all items promptly (maximum loan period four weeks) and when returning items, please include payment for the outward postage plus 2.00 to cover the cost of packing each parcel. Please treat the Society property with great care - remember that much of it is difficult or impossible to replace.

  The aims of the N.G.R.S Video Library are:

1) To collect films, videotapes or DVDs (privately made or commercially available) on subjects relevant to the NGRS.

2) To make this material available to Society Members in the form of individual loans or shows to Area Groups, subject to

    any conditions imposed by the Copyright owners.

  An important function of the library is to provide a safe repository for non-commercial film or video footage which might otherwise be lost or destroyed, such has often occurred after the photographer has passed away.To this end the Society will be happy to accept such material, either on a permanent basis or on temporary loan to permit a video copy to be made of such material. A VHS video copy or DVD of any such material can be supplied to the donor on request. The Video Librarian should, however, be contacted before any material is sent.

  A limited selection of commercial programs may be acquired, either by purchase, 'Review' copies sent by publishers, or by donation from Society members, and these programs will be available on loan, where permission has been given by the Copyright holders.

  If you have any queries, information, or possible additional material, please contact the Video Librarian enclosing a SAE if a reply is required.

 To this end the Society will be happy to accept such material, either on a permanent basis or on temporary loan to permit a video copy to be made of such material. A VHS video copy or DVD of any such material can be supplied to the donor on request.


 Other Video Tapes

 To this end the Society will be happy to accept such material, either on a permanent basis or on temporary loan to permit a video copy to be made of such material. A VHS video copy or DVD of any such material can be supplied to the donor on request.

  The Society holds a small number of other films, mostly from Commercial publishers, which cannot be loaned to individual members or groups until permission has been obtained from the Copyright holders. Negotiations are in hand & these will be added to the 'loan' list when such permission is obtained.

'Clips List'

  Under compilation, please write for details - all donations of information gratefully received !


Photo Library

  If you have photographs you can contribute to the Society, they would be most welcome. Please contact the Photo Librarian, who should also be contacted for photo queries and distribution.




DISCLAIMER : We make every effort to ensure all the details on our web site are correct and up to date.

        However we take no responsibility for loss due to inaccuracies on these pages.


Copyright (c) The Narrow Gauge Railway Society.